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Dan Hole Pond Watershed Trust


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Mission Statement:  To preserve the quality of the natural resources, wildlife habitat, and beauty of the Dan Hole Ponds watershed area.



Dan Hole Pond is a 443-acre (1.8 km2)[1] water body located in Carroll County in eastern New Hampshire, United States, in the towns of Ossipee and Tuftonboro. The pond is situated on the south side of the Ossipee Mountains. Water exits Dan Hole Pond via the Dan Hole River, part of the Ossipee Lake watershed and ultimately that of the Saco River in Maine.


The Ossipee Conservation Commission and the Dan

Hole Pond Watershed Trust are working together to

preserve 295 acres of forestland on the southeast slope of

Thurley Mountain in the Ossipee Mountains. They are

concerned that the beautiful open space, forest resources,

water quality and recreational lands that currently make

Ossipee such an attractive place to live and to visit are

now threatened by development pressures currently facing

Ossipee and the rest of Carroll County. They know we

cannot expect the beautiful Ossipee Mountains to retain

their “wilderness” character forever unless we act now.

Therefore, they are asking the residents of Ossipee and

neighboring towns to contribute toward the $190,000

purchase price and related costs.

The Trust will purchase and manage the property. It is a

non-profit land trust formed in 2000 dedicated to

preserving the forested open space and wildlife habitat of

the Dan Hole Pond watershed and nearby Ossipee

Mountains. The Conservation Commission will hold

a conservation easement on the property which will be

open to the public for recreation activities such as

hiking and hunting.

DHPWT and the OCC have worked to conserve the scenic “Windows to the Ossipees” property.

The DHPWT is currently working on conserving a property called “The Gulf Brook” which abuts Thurley Mountain.


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